It’s all about family at Cantina Mexican Grill

Cantina Mexican Grill was started by Dick Leonard way back in 1976. Dick grew up and lived in Grand Rapids, his family was Polish, but he started a Mexican restaurant- go figure. But he must have known something since we’re still going after more than 40 years.

Dick loved Mexico, it’s people, it’s character, it’s food. Over the years Dick made countless car trips down to Mexico to learn about the food and acquire authentic Mexican furnishings and art, some of which are still here.

Dick’s no longer with us but his daughter now runs the place. We’re constantly changing and trying to improve and there’s always a little of Dick’s character in everything we do, and we continue to grow his dream to bring little taste of Old Mexico to Grand Rapids every day.


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Restaurant Hours

Sunday noon to 9 pm
Monday through Thursday 11am to 10:00pm
Friday and Saturday 11am to 11pm

Downstairs Lounge

Monday through Thursday 5pm to 12:30am
Friday and Saturday  3:30pm to 2am
Closed on Sunday, except for private parties

Drive-thru Window

Sunday Noon to 9pm
Monday through Thursday 11am to 11pm
Friday and Saturday 11am to Midnight